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Koolspeed Promare

Koolspeed Promare

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Pro Mare Supplement is a salt-limited supplement that provides all the requirements for lactating or dry mares on pasture or free choice hay.

Mannsville Ag Center Is An IONOPHORE-FREE Feed Manufacturer. (No Rumensin-Monensin, Bovatec-Lasalocid, ETC.)


Crude Protein (Min)
Crude Fat (Min)
Crude Fiber (Max)
Acid Detergent Fiber (Max)
Neutral Detergent Fiber (Max)
.1% (Min) - 1.5% (Max)
Phosphorus (Min)
27% (Min) - 32% (Max)
Zinc (Min)
110 ppm
Copper (Min)
30 ppm
Selenium (Min)
.1 ppm
Vitamin A (Min)
4,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E (Min)
45 IU/lb
1.2 %
Chromium (Min)
.3 ppm

Allow mares free choice access to this feed.  Consumption should be between 2 to 4 pounds per head per day depending on forage quality and animal’s stage of production.  Feed good quality grass hay and/or pasture free choice Provide an abundant supply of clean, fresh water.  For further feeding directions consult your supplier or nutritionist.

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