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Showrite Stsr Shine

Showrite Stsr Shine

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Show-Rite Star Shine is a highly palatable, 26% protein supplement pellet, designed for animals of all life stages to improve performance and body condition.  Formulated with high-quality proteins and key nutrients to stimulate appetite, enhance digestion, and support weight gain while defining the shape.

•Provides Nutritional Support for Optimal Performance and Condition

• Adds shape without burning fat
• Added fiber for softer rear rib and flank
• Eliminates the plain stage
• Stimulates appetite, improves digestion, and increases weight gains
• Highly Palatable
• No added copper, safe for copper-sensitive species


Refer to the product label for a complete list of ingredients.



Show-Rite Star Shine 26% protein supplement pellet can be blended with feed rations for group feeding or can be top-dressed for individually-fed animals. Usage levels depend upon class and age of the animal being fed. Show-Rite Star Shine 26% protein supplement pellet is not designed to be a complete feed. See feeding chart for suggested daily usage. Use caution so as not to over-feed.

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